HS-4000 Automatic Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

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Multi-head combination weigher
Linear Weigh Filler
Servo Driven Auger Fitter
Encoder base Auger Filler
Volumetric Cup Filler
Salient Features:
Controlled by Highly efficient PLC for batter performance
Color Touch Screen operating panel with user friendly software.
Servo Driven draw dawn belts for smooth and accurate operation.
Servo Driven horizontal sealing system
Interlink controller trouble free operation
AC variable frequency drive for unwinding the film roll
Online automatic web tracking by infra red sensors
Use friendly software, for easy program setting
Pouch machine is interlink with filling system to avoid waste of packing film.
Warning alert indication and automatic slop of the machine for end of film roll
Warning alert and automatic stop of the machine by digital air pressure switch.
Warning alert and automatic stop of the machine in case of film jam
Easy to fit change over parts for different size of pouch.
Very low consumption of compressed air
Optional Attachments
Coding Unit
Gas Flushing
Bucket Elevator
IScrew Conveyor
Outfeed Conveyor
Technical Specification:
Program Control High Speed PLC
Operating Control Colour Touch Screen HMI
Pouch Width Range 60 - 225 mm
Pouch Length Range 70 - 250 min
Max Roll Die 450 mm (76 rum Core)
Production Output 30 to 70 Pouch/min.
Power 3 x 415 Volts, 50 Hz.
Power Requirements< 2.5 K.VV./Hr.
Compressed Air
15 CFM @ 5 kg/cm2
Weight Approx 500 Ks.
Outside Dimensions 2000mm (L) x 1200 mm (W) x 1700 mrn (H)

Salient features for Multi-head combination weigher
Colour touch screen operating panel with large display and user friendly software
No. of weighing head 10 // 12 // 14
Weighing Range 20g to 1 kg. ( Depend on Product)
Operating Speed 30 to 70 per minute (Depend on product and Weight)
Password protection to set main function.
99 program can Onset and save in memory according Indifferent type of
product and Weight.
8 Easy Calibration system to set load cell for the best accuracy.
Detachable parts for easy cleaning
Auger Filling System
Filling Range 50g to 1 kg.
Filling System : Servo base Auger
Filler// Encoder Base Auger Filler.
Continuous Stirring During Operation
Operating Speed 20 to 60 Per Min
(Depend on Product and weight)
Depends on specific gravity and free flowingness of the product
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HSTC 1000 HATC 24 HFFS 01 TC